5 Simple & Effective Ways to Prevent Car Breakins

No matter how good your auto insurance is, having your car stolen or burglarized is an inconvenience that could be prevented in many cases. How you leave your unattended car is as important for protecting it as whether or not you have a security system, and keeping your car safe means fewer insurance claims, which will save you money on car insurance.

  1. Lock the Doors
    Always lock your doors. Even if you will only be away from the vehicle for a moment, lock your doors and close the windows. A thief is in a hurry and doesn’t want to draw any additional attention, so locking your doors will slow them down and make them more obvious.
  2. Park Safely
    Park in a place that is well lighted and near the entrance to public buildings. A thief or burglar prefers their target to be parked so that there is not much foot or car traffic, because every passing person could be the downfall of a criminal. Never park on the side of the road if there is another option.
  3. Hide Valuables
    Do not leave valuables in plain sight when you exit the car. A purse, laptop or cellphone could easily tempt a thief to “smash and grab.” If you must leave valuables in the car, put them in the trunk, glove box, or even under the seat.
  4. Security Systems
    A car alarm system is handy in frightening away potential thieves. If you have a professional car security system, any theft of the car or your personal property may be covered by the alarm company, under a special type of insurance.
  5. Keys
    Never leave your keys in the ignition. Doing so is not only unsafe, it is also against the law in some states. Similarly, don’t leave the key ring on the seat. If you have a spare key hidden outside the car, make sure that it is not in place that can be easily found.

With even the best protection, your car may get stolen or burglarized. If that happens, make sure you have enough insurance to cover the losses. To get the best coverage at the lowest rates, use online car insurance quotes that can give you direct comparisons between competing insurance companies.

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