Car Insurance Discounts for Paramedics

Paramedics are among the many occupations that get discounts on car insurance policies. Other occupations that are entitled to discounts are doctors, police officers, firemen, and government employees. Attorneys and architects are eligible for discounts the same as paramedics, as well as anyone who is on active or reserve duty with the United States military.

Additional discounts are available for paramedics who have a Bachelor’s Degree or better. Paramedics who are married will receive lower rates than single EMS workers, and married paramedics who live in low crime neighborhoods will enjoy even lower rates. Insurance companies will even offer a discount for paramedics who park their car in a private garage at night, because parking in a garage reduces the risk dramatically over a car that is parked at the curb.

As with all drivers, you can get more discounts for such things as maintaining a safe driver record, purchasing a car with factory-installed safety devices such as Electronic Stability Control and side impact airbags, or driving habits that involve very low yearly mileage. You can even take a voluntary driver improvement course and use the certificate of completion to get another discount on your car insurance.

Even with all of the discounts available to paramedics, there is still a lot variation in the cost of individual premiums. To find the most affordable rates combined with the most complete coverage, use online insurance quotes. Online car insurance quotes will let you design the policy just way you need it to be and then compare that policy between a selection of competing insurance providers. In this way, you can save money using the many different discounts on auto insurance available to paramedics and find the best rates available from many different companies. If you find a policy that fits your budget and insurance needs, you can even sign up for coverage online and print out your new insurance cards from your own computer.

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