Bodily Injury & Property Damage Coverage

Most states today have minimum car insurance requirements for any vehicle on the road. In all but 16 states, the minimum requirements are a combination bodily injury liability insurance and property damage liability insurance. In the remaining 16 states, these coverages are included in the state’s no-fault coverage or required in addition to PIP insurance.

Bodily injury liability insurance is used to pay for injuries to other people who were involved in an accident in which you are deemed to be at fault. This could include pedestrians, other drivers or passengers in your own vehicle, but it does not specifically include injuries to the insured driver unless that coverage is stated within the wording of the policy. Most insurance policies use two bodily injuries limits: the lower one is for a single person injured in a single accident, and the second is for all persons injured in a single accident, up to the total coverage provided by the policy.

As with bodily injury liability, property damage liability has a single vehicle, single accident limit and a second limit for all vehicles in a single accident, up to the total value of the property damage liability coverage. This coverage is used to pay for damages that you cause to other property, and may be applied to vehicles as well as inanimate property such as mailboxes or buildings.

When shopping for insurance online, use online quotes to compare identical coverages between more than one company. Make sure that you are getting a quote for at least the state’s required minimum, but keep in mind that the minimum allowed by law is notoriously insufficient to deal with the actual costs involved in accident of even moderate damage. It is not enough to find the lowest price with your online quote, you also need to make the quote is for enough coverage to protect you when things go wrong.

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