Who are the World’s Worst Drivers?

While it is not true that all drivers fit into specific categories, there are a number of areas where the worst driving traits can be observed. These traits are not restricted to a particular type of car, a location or even a given age group.

Aggressive drivers are one of the worst types of drivers, according to insurance company statistics. This type of driver is more likely to disobey basic traffic regulations such as speeding or running a stop sign. Aggressive drivers not only increase their own risk level, they increase the danger for other drivers around them.

Inattentive Driving

People who are not giving their full attention to the act of driving create dangerous risks for themselves and other drivers. Symptoms of inattentive driving may include talking on a cellphone, constantly flipping through radio stations or changing the CD, or ignoring the world around them as they daydream through the afternoon commute. As with aggressive drivers, inattentive drivers create hazards for everyone around them.

Discourteous Drivers
Sometimes, no matter how polite you are to your fellow drivers, you will encounter someone whose only ambition is to be rude or obnoxious. This type of driver may give you the finger while zipping past you at 10 miles over the posted speed limit, or lay on their horn when sitting behind you in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Discourteous drivers are not as dangerous to other drivers, but can create distinct problems, especially when combined with a rude or aggressive driver in the other vehicle.

What these drivers do not realize is that their driving habits are costing them money in car insurance. For instance, an aggressive driver is more likely to get a speeding ticket, and that ticket has the potential to cause their insurance rates to go up. The same is true of inattentive drivers, and rude or discourteous ones are subject to being involved in accidents or driving altercations. For the lowest rates, follow the traffic laws of your area and give yourself time to reach your destination without becoming an obnoxious or aggressive driver.

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