Why Insurance Companies Raise Rates & How You Can Try to Lower Them

There are many reasons why your car insurance rates may be adjusted up or down, including such things as graduating from college or starting a new job. Many those that are likely to cause an increase in rates, but you can also take advantage of discounts or take other steps help keep increasing insurance premiums in check

Accidents and Points on Your License – Points on your driving record is the single largest cause of rate increases, and most insurance companies will look back between 3 and 5 years to determine how your rates should be set. The obvious way to avoid these increases is to drive safely, but you can also take a voluntary driver safety course if you want to have a more immediate effect. Once you have completed the course, take the certificate of completion to your insurance agent and she will be able to offer you a discount that will remain effective for several years.

Insurance Claims – Each time you file a car insurance claim, your rates are subject to increase. The only real way to prevent this from happening is to reduce the number of claims you file by doing things such as paying for minor damages out of pocket.

Changes in Your Credit Score – Your credit score can affect your car insurance rates. Check your credit score often, and make sure that you get any discrepancies corrected.

Marital Status – Getting a divorce can cause your insurance rates to go up, and adding a spouse with a less than perfect driving history can do the same. In these cases, the best way to bring your premiums back down is to find unused discounts that can be applied. Marriage itself is a qualification for a discount, and one that many couples overlook.

If you think you are paying too much for car insurance, compare your current rates against other companies using online car insurance quotes. Using a website for the comparison allows you to fill out the necessary information one time and then compare the same policy against several other companies to find out how much you could be saving.

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