Car Insurance for Teens

Teen drivers usually fall into the highest risk group of drivers. Their insurance rates are higher for multiple reasons, not the least of which is their limited experience behind the wheel. For auto insurance companies, teen drivers represent a potential expense that warrants increasing their premiums.

Other behavior that contributes to teen car insurance being higher include a higher incidence of texting while driving, the potential to speed or drive in an unsafe manner strictly for the sake of doing so and the likelihood that teen drivers will be more easily distracted while driving, whether by other passengers in the car or events which take place outside the vehicle. Finally, the lower experience level of teen drivers means that they are less likely to react appropriately in the event of sudden developments. For instance, a common cause of accidents among young drivers happens when the teen driver panics and accidentally applies pressure to the accelerator when they meant to press the brake.

Car insurance for teens does provide some discount that can reduce premiums. Driving an older car means that collision coverage, which pays for repairs to your own vehicle, can be left out of the policy. The safety features built into a car, such as Electronic Stability Control or side impact air bags, are also worthy of insurance discounts. And the teen can also qualify for discounts if they keep a 3.0 or better grade average in school, as well as a discount given to drivers who take a voluntary driver improvement course.

To find the best rates on auto insurance for teens, many experts suggest using online insurance quotes. This allows you to compare rates and coverage packages of multiple insurance companies and helps you find the policy that best fits the needs of the teen driver both in terms of affordability and sufficient protection.

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