Car Insurance for Students – In State vs. Out of State

Going to college is a major step forward, but students need to consider their car insurance in the step to avoid loss of coverage or having to pay higher premiums. In many cases, you can simply allow your parents to insure you on their policy, and that will work until you are 25, but in other cases it is not possible to stay on your parents policy.

One of the best things a student can do to keep their insurance rates down is to maintain good grades. Full time students with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher are eligible for insurance discounts. Even if you are still on you parent’s policy, keeping your grades up will keep the insurance costs down.

If you are going away to a college in the same state, you can remain on your parent’s insurance policy without any problems, as long as you are attending college. But if you are going out of state, it is important to make sure that your car is covered with at least the basic insurance requirements of the state where you will be attending college. Because insurance laws are regulated on a state by state basis, coverage in one location may not be sufficient for use in a bordering state.

If you are forced to get a separate insurance policy, make sure to take advantage of any discounts you are eligible for. For students, the discount choices are slim, but you can keep up your grades and build a reputation as a safe driver. You can also take a voluntary driver improvement course, and request a discount for the completion of the course. It might surprise you, but most insurance companies reward their clients for becoming safer on the roads.

Use online websites that give free car insurance quotes to find the best policy for your needs. When tailoring a policy, you can choose how much collision coverage you need, or even omit things like comprehensive coverage or rental car reimbursement. You will be giving up some of the coverage, but eliminating things you don’t really need can make buying insurance more affordable.

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