Car Insurance for Single Parents

Car insurance for single parents is essential, but not difficult to get. You’ll have to carry at least the state required minimum coverage, but it is a good idea to add collision and comprehensive protection as well, to protect yourself and your family. Once you have designed a custom insurance policy, look for any discounts you can qualify, including discounts based on your job, education level, and where you live.

Many people purchase the basic liability coverage required by law, but omit protecting themselves or their vehicle. Collision insurance is used to repair your car after an accident, regardless of who is at fault, which means that collision coverage will even fix your car if you are hit by someone without any insurance at all. Comprehensive coverage covers you against theft, vandalism, and several named perils, including fire, hail and broken glass. Neither of these are required by law, but both are well worth the investment if you are driving a car that is new or only a few years old.

You can also save money by taking advantages of discounts. If you work for the government or have a Bachelor’s Degree or better, you are automatically eligible for a discount. Other discounts are available for people who live in zip codes with low crime rates, or those who park their car in a private garage at night. Insurance discounts are available to anyone, so make sure to find out which ones you are qualified so you can take full advantage of the savings.

If you are not sure your insurance company is giving you the best deal, go online and compare rates using an insurance quote website. You can tailor the policy to be exactly what you need, and then compare the same policy between several different companies at once. Online insurance quotes give you more freedom and saves time plus it has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars a year in insurance premium.

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