Getting Reinsured after Being Dropped by Your Insurer

If you have been dropped by your insurance company, you have two basic avenues available: apply for a new insurance policy with a different company, or attempt to resolve the problem with your current insurance provider and have your insurance reinstated. It is important that you take action as soon as you are notified of an intent to drop coverage, or your insurance may have a lapse that results in additional problems such as your license or vehicle registration being suspended.

One of the best methods to use for finding new insurance coverage is to make use of online quotes and comparisons. By comparing several different insurance companies side-by-side you are able to find better insurance coverage and lower rates. Make sure that you are comparing similar companies, such as Allstate compared to Progressive, rather than subsidiary offerings within the same company. If you are not familiar with the comparison companies in an online insurance quote, get a second comparison quote from another website and use a combination of the results to give you an idea of what a typical insurance policy will cost you.

Even if you are able to resolve the problem, being dropped from an insurance carrier is a serious problem and it may still be in your best to look at online quotes and find another company to replace your policy. The big concern is how determined you are to retain your current insurance provider, not whether or not you can get coverage elsewhere. As long as you have a valid driver license and vehicle, you are able to get car insurance. You may have to pay higher rates if your risk level is too high, but you cannot be completely cut off from insurance if you are legally able to drive a car.

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