Preparing for an Accident Before the Accident

When you are involved in an accident, it is too late to get familiar with your policy and what it does and does not cover. You should already know what the policy includes, who to call and what steps to take. If you are already prepared to handle the situation, it will be easier to get things accomplished when the stress of the accident is on you.

Always know where your driver license, vehicle registration and insurance card are. When an accident happens, you will need those three pieces of information, for your own insurance company, for the other person’s insurance, and for the police officer who fills out the accident report.

When the accident happens, assess the injuries, if there are any. You first priority is to get help on the way for injured people. Next, exchange insurance and driver information with the other driver. After that, call the police, and then notify your insurance company that there has been an accident. Your insurance company may send an appraiser to the accident site, or have them appraise the car from another location.

Preparing for an accident is easy to do, and once you are familiar with the steps, going through the motions will be much easier. Above all else, do not panic. Accidents happen, and people just like you are able to deal with them every day.

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