What to Do If Your Policy has Been Non-Renewed or Cancelled and You Can’t Find Another Insurer

If your auto insurance policy has been cancelled or non-renewed, finding replacement coverage can be a difficult task. If your insurance was lost because of a major infraction such as driving under the influence, or a legal reason such as past charges of attempted insurance fraud, getting a new car insurance policy may seem impossible. The good news is that if you are legally entitled to drive a vehicle, you are able to purchase an insurance policy to cover you and your vehicle.

Many insurance companies will not issue a car insurance policy to people who are considered high risk drivers. For them, a high risk driver increases the chance of having to make a large payout on an insurance claim, and they would prefer not to pay out more than is necessary. In this situation, there are specialty and high risk insurance companies that specialize in providing coverage that is hard to find in mainstream insurance underwriters. You will be forced to pay higher premiums to compensate for the additional risk, but you will be able to get coverage and drive your car.

If all else fails, you can contact your state Department of Insurance. They can tell which companies in your state provide high risk coverage, and how to contact them. One of the functions of the department is to keep track of which companies sell what types of insurance, including high risk auto coverage.

Another solution is to get an online insurance quote. As you complete the form to get an accurate quote, the site will only use companies that offer insurance to people in your category. Online quotes can save you money in the long run by finding a company that sells high risks coverage at the lowest price. No matter what you do, rest assured that you can be insured as long as you are allowed to drive a car.

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