When is a Police Report Necessary for Submitting an Insurance Claim?

Anytime an accident involves injuries or serious damages, a police report is the best route to take. Similarly, you will need to file a report if your car is stolen. The police report is an unbiased account of the incident, which helps the insurance adjuster and your insurance company settle the claim promptly and fairly. Even in a situation where a police report is not absolutely required, having one will help get the situation resolved as quickly as possible.

Anytime there is an accident where a driver offers to pay for the damages, leaves the scene of the accident or refuses to give you the necessary contact and insurance information, filing a police report is the only way to protect your interests. Without a police report, your insurance company may deny the claim on the grounds that there is a lack of evidence, or that the damages cannot be specifically attributed to the accident.

Just because you have a verbal agreement with the other driver is not sufficient. Once you have left the scene of the accident, that person could call the police and report a hit and run, or file a claim against you for damages that were not caused in the accident. The only thing that can be saved by not getting a police report is an assessment of points against your license, but the losses could amount to your home and other assets. Don’t take a chance when so much is at stake. Get a police report and let the insurance company handle the settlement, because that is why you pay for insurance coverage. It protects your rights as well as your property.

If you followed the procedures exactly the way you were supposed to do, including getting a police report, and your insurance company is still not honoring the claim, it may be time to get a new insurance company. You can find one using online insurance quotes that offers you the same coverage you had before, but has a much better rating with their customers. It only takes a few minutes to get a free online quote, but the savings could be worth many hundreds of dollars.

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