Not Having Car Insurance – A Risk Not Worth Taking

Due to the high cost of medical and automobile damage on our nation’s roadways, car insurance is required on registered vehicles throughout the United States. This means that any car that is licensed to operate on public roadways must be covered with the required minimum insurance of the state in which it is registered. Failing to carry the proper amount of insurance can have serious repercussions, and may even result in your being towed away or your driver license suspended.

The primary risk of not having car insurance is that if you are found to be at fault in an accident you will be responsible for paying the medical and property damages you cause out of your own pocket. Even minor medical injuries can add up to thousands of dollars, and a single person injured in a single accident could amount to many times the yearly premiums for auto insurance.

Secondly, if you are asked to show proof of insurance and do not have an insurance card, you are subject to receiving an immediate ticket.  In some states, your vehicle tag can be removed on the spot, leaving you with no choice but to have your car towed to a safe location. Other penalties can include having your driver license suspended, and some states make lack of car insurance a jailable offense, meaning that you can be arrested and your car impounded.

Car insurance is not difficult to find, even for people with less than perfect driving records. Online websites will allow you to select the type and amount of coverage you need, help you find discounts you are eligible for, and even help you apply for coverage right away. Some websites will even let you print your insurance cards from your own computer, which means you can be legally insured and ready to drive within minutes without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

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