Car Insurance for Married Couples

In general, married people pay lower rates than singles when buying car insurance. According to insurance company statistics, single people are more likely to drive over the limit or take other risky behavior on the road. When a person gets married, they are displaying a responsible outlook on life and typically act more carefully than when they were wild and single.

Getting married will have an effect on your car insurance rates, but it is not true to automatically assume they will go up or down. How your rates will ultimately be changed when you get married depends on both of your driving histories and credit scores, and your new spouse could have a very dramatic impact.

For instance, if you are a safe driver and your spouse has had several speeding tickets, you are likely to see your rates rise to compensate for the additional risk of insuring the spouse. If you are the one with some tickets or an accident on your record, then adding your spouse could have the opposite result: lowering your car insurance premiums because your spouse is less of a risk.

Other factors that will cause your insurance rates to go up or down is the level of education you and your spouse have, the zip code where you live and even whether your car is parked on the curb at night. These basic factors are used for all new policies, and even include your age and where you work to develop a policy tailored to fit your precise driving habits.

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