Maintaining a Safe Vehicle is the Best Way of Avoiding an Accident

Once you have used an online insurance quote site to find the best deal on insurance, you have to commit yourself to keeping your vehicle in good condition to avoid problems with claims if something bad happens. Here’s a quick checklist of common maintenance issues that cause accidents.

Air Pressure
– One of the most common causes of accidents is having tires that are improperly inflated. If the pressure is too low, the car has a tendency to sway in curves and at high speeds. Overly inflated tires are more likely to blow out, and that could cause devastating results.

Tire Tread – Check your tire tread frequently by inserting a nickel head-first into the space between the treads. If Jefferson’s head goes into the tread, you’re probably in good shape, but if the tread is not thick enough to reach from the edge of the coin to the president’s head, you are driving around on borrowed time.

Interior Clutter – Keep your front and back dashboards free of unnecessary clutter. Not only does this help you to see what is going around you, it removes the chance of injuries made flying debris if you are forced to stop suddenly. Similarly, clean trash out of your often because a loose burger wrapper could interfere with braking or accelerating properly.

Field of View – Do not cover any portion of your car windows with stickers, tape or anything that prevents you from having a complete field of view. Even though you won’t be looking out the read driver-side window, blocking it will cause a peripheral distraction each time you turn your head to look to the left.

Windshield Clarity – Cleaning your windows and windshields often cannot be stressed enough, especially if you live in an area that is prone to seasonal bug infestations such as the dreaded “love bug.” A clean windshield lets you see what is happening around your car, and that means you have more time to react to an emergency situation, and less eye stress during normal driving.

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