Purchasing Insurance from a Local Agent vs Buying Direct

Deciding whether or not to purchase your auto insurance locally or to buy direct is a question without a cut-and-dried answer. Buying locally can save you money, and keeps your insurance expenses within the local economy, while buying direct provides you with convenience. Which one is right for you will depend on a number of factors, and many insurance companies offer local options as well as the convenience of purchasing direct.

Purchasing locally is not the same as purchasing from an insurance broker or independent agent. Major insurance companies have branch offices all over the country, but the local branches don’t offer anything that you can’t get from purchasing directly online, with the exception of a physical location you can purchase from. On the other hand, purchasing locally puts a face behind your policy. Your insurance agent is a familiar name you can turn to when there is a problem, where buying directly from the main company may leave you feeling alone and isolated when a claim needs to be filed.

Buying direct, such as purchasing your policy online, is convenient. You can log into a website any time of the day or night to review your policy, get quotes or even purchase a new or extended policy.  More and more local agents and independent brokers are using the Internet, though, and it is likely that your favorite local agent has a website that can do all of the things you thought were only available from major companies.

Before you purchase a policy, directly or locally, take the time to review the policy you want and to compare prices online. You can still choose to buy locally if you want, but doing the research online will give you the insight necessary to make an informed choice, and the ability to try out different coverage tactics so you know what you are looking for when it comes time to make the purchase.

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