Discount Car Insurance for Nurses

Nurses and other people in medical fields are eligible for special discounts on car insurance. Because of their contribution to the public good, insurance companies often extend discounts to nurses. This discount is available to other emergency workers as well, such as paramedics, firemen, and police officers. Doctors of all types receive discounts on car insurance.

Insurance companies offer car insurance discounts to people who have acquired college degrees, and this includes most nurses and other medical personnel. An LPN is entitled to a discount based on their occupation in the medical field, and an RN will receive discounts based on the medical occupation as well as the time and responsibility dedicated to achieving a higher level of medical degree.

Nurses are eligible for discounts for all drivers, too. Safe driver discounts are given to anyone who maintains a clean driving record for a period of time, generally around 5 years. Other discounts include the one given to people who voluntarily take a driver education course, or to driver who live in an area with a lower than average crime rate. Additionally, the number of miles you drive a day and your work schedule can be the source of a discount, especially if you will not be driving during peak driving periods. By reducing the time you spend on the roads at high-risk periods, you are able to receive courtesy discounts on your car insurance premiums.

A good idea for nurses is to look at online auto insurance quotes and insurance company comparisons online. This allows you to find a company that offers you more coverage at a lower price. Additionally, if your car insurance and home insurance are provided by the same company you may be eligible for a customer loyalty discount along with any other discounts you are already receiving.

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