Tips to Improve Your Driving Record and Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums

Keeping your car insurance premiums as low as possible is not as difficult as you may think. A large portion of your risk assessment is based on your driving record, and that is a reflection of your personal driving habits. Better behavior on the roadways equates to lower rates on your insurance, and that is something within everyone’s reach.

Drive the speed limit – It can be tempting to drive a little faster to make up for lost time, but it also makes your life riskier and could adversely affect your insurance rates. Plan ahead and drive the speed limit, it not only improves your driving record, it could save your life.

Take a driver improvement course – Most insurance companies will offer you a discount for taking a voluntary driver improvement course. This discount is actually mandated by law in some states, but not all of them. Additionally, many states will allow you to remove points from your driving record for taking such a course, or remove the points for a specific driving offense.

Avoid making unnecessary claims – The more claims you file against your auto insurance, the higher your premiums will be. If the damage to your vehicle is minor, consider paying for the repairs out of pocket. It may cost you more up front, but it could save you hundreds of dollars a year on increased premiums.

Shop around for a better insurance provider. The best place to begin is online, using an automated auto insurance quote. Once you have filled in the form to define the policy you need, you can compare the premiums for that policy with several different insurance providers, giving you a choice of where to buy and showing you which companies can offer you the best deals.

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