Car Insurance Discounts for Doctors

Doctors may be entitled to a number of discounts for car insurance. Not only can a doctor get a discount for things such as being a safe driver, you can even get an insurance discount just for being a doctor. You will also get a discount if you are married, or park your car in a private garage at night. The list of possible discounts is large, and the potential savings can be in the hundreds of dollars. Just living in a neighborhood with a lower than average crime rate may be enough to bring down the cost of insuring your car.

Discounts are available for doctors, nurses, or anyone else working in the medical profession. Emergency service employees are eligible for similar savings, including paramedics, firemen, and law enforcement officers. Doctors can even get a special discount on car insurance for taking a voluntary driver improvement course.

The safety features built into a doctor’s car earn the same insurance savings as they do in other vehicles. This includes such devices as side impact air bags, Electronic Stability Control and anti-lock brake designs. For an insurance company, a safer car means fewer claims, and that is a worthy reason to offer lower premiums. A car that has hands-free phone and radio installed, for instance, is safer than a car without these technological advances, and make it possible for a busy doctor to stay focused on driving even while handling sensitive calls.

If you are a doctor and do not think your insurance company is giving you all of the breaks that you deserve on auto insurance, use online quotes to compare it to other leading companies. Online quotes are available 24 hours a day, and can be used to compare the same coverage across a list of your favorite insurance carriers, and online quotes may even point out discounts that you didn’t know were available.

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