Insurance Claim Filing Checklist

If you ever have to file a car insurance claim, it helps to use a checklist to help you get the information together for the insurance company. Filing a claim is not as difficult as you might think, and having all of your information available will help the claim go through faster, resulting in a quicker settlement on the claim.

Contact Information – Contact information includes the driver license and insurance policy number of the person who is at fault, along with your own data. Collecting information on the person who is at fault is very important. Your personal information includes your name, address, driver license number. It also includes your license plate number and your insurance policy number.

Witnesses – If you have witnesses that would be willing give statements, collect their names and contact information. Having reliable witnesses can sometimes be the difference between a complete settlement and an insurance claim denial.

Police Report – Get a copy of the police report for any accident. Problems that are considered inconsequential at the time of the accident could turn into a major problem a day or two later. Most insurance companies will require a police report before they will settle a claim.

Injuries – List any injuries sustained or treatments provided by medical personnel. This includes the cost of the ambulance, emergency service costs provided at the scene, and all medical treatment provided after the fact by a hospital, doctor’s office or other facility.

Repair Estimate – Get at least one estimate for the cost of making repairs. Some insurance companies will request three estimates, and will pay the lowest amount or an average of the three. The insurance company will provide an appraiser to decide the value of damages, who will come to the location of the vehicle at the scene, or at another location at a later time.

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