A Basic Guide to Your Car Insurance Documents

When you receive your car insurance information packet, it will contain several different documents. Some of these documents are meant to provide you with useful information about your new policy, to be kept in your car for use in case of an accident or police request, and to explain exactly what is covered by your policy. Most of the documents in your insurance packet can be safely kept in a safe place, but there should be at least 2 insurance cards, one of which belongs in your wallet or purse and the other should be kept in your vehicle at all times.

The covering documents in your policy packet will tell you about everything in the packet. You will find instructions for making a claim, how, when and where to make your premium payments and who you should contact in case of an emergency. This is all useful information that you should read immediately, but save the documents along with your actual policy so that you can refer to them again later if any questions arise.

Your insurance policy contains the exact details of your insurance coverage, listing each type of insurance you are covered by, when that type should be used, and any exceptions contained in your coverage. Read through the policy to verify that your coverage is what you were expecting it to be, and notify your insurance company immediately if you find a problem or realize that you need more coverage than what you have signed up for.

Even if you shop for your insurance policy online, the packet you receive in the mail will contain the same documents.  Once you have filled out the request for a free online car insurance quote, found the policy you want and then applied for coverage, the insurer will mail you an envelope that contains a complete set of the documents listed above. Your policy may change, but the information you receive will be the same.

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