Does Your Agent Do Any of the Following? It Might Be Time to Switch to Another.

Insurance is a key component in your personal finances. Here are some points to be wary of when dealing with insurance agents, but it should also be noted that this list is only an introductory one and many other factors should be considered as well.

Rushing the Sale – If all your insurance agent wants is to get your signature on the dotted line, they may not have your best interests at heart. A good agent will make an effort show you why his company deserves your business, a bad one just wants you to pay up and move along.

Vague Answers / Ignored Questions – Do not be afraid to ask your agent any questions you have about the insurance company or your policy. If you ask questions that are not answered satisfactorily, ask again. If the agent makes a habit out of such answers, ask him one more: Where’s the door?

Poor Customer Relations – An agent that puts you on hold for long periods of time or fails to return your calls is trying to tell you that you are not as important as you could be. Anytime you deal with your insurance company, you deserve to be treated like the person who is paying the bills, because that is exactly what you are doing.

Frequent Excuses – Email does not get lost in transit, and neither should someone to talk to about your policy. If your agent is delaying a settlement or trying to find reasons why you shouldn’t file a claim, ask her whether she thinks having your business is important.

If you decide that your agent is not giving you the treatment you deserve, go to an online insurance quote site and shop around for a replacement. If you do that ahead of time, you can even mention to your current agent that such-and-such company has better rates AND a better record for customer satisfaction, and point out that you could go there.

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