Adding a Relative to Your Insurance Policy

Adding relatives to your car insurance policy can be a simple process. If you want to add a relative who does not live in your home, specific requirements have to be met, but the insurance company if going to want to list everyone living in the home as a matter of course. The key is to show an insurable risk, which means the insured person has something to lose if the car is involved in an accident.

Insurance consider anyone living in your home a potential driver, even those who are not licensed to drive. When you apply for coverage you will be asked to list all of the people living in your home, and t specify which people will be driving the car and which will not. Any person who will not be driving the vehicle can be excluded, but your insurance will not honor any claims that result from that person driving the car.

Students who are under the age of 25 and enrolled in full-time college courses can be covered under your insurance policy even though they live in a different location. This only applies to children attending school who live in a place relative to where the school is located and is not available for children who have their own apartment but are no longer students. Any other relatives who reside in a different location may not be added to your insurance policy.

To help you find the best rates for everyone you need to have on the policy, shopping for car insurance online can save you a great deal of time and money, and does not even have to infringe on the precious business hours of your workday. Online quotes and comparisons are available 24 hours a day, and you can even sign up for a new policy right away, including printing out your new insurance cards for immediate use.

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