Adding Your Spouse or Significant Other to Your Insurance Policy

Adding your spouse or living companion to your auto insurance can have positive and negative effects on your insurance. Adding someone with a better driving record could help to lower your premiums, while adding a person who has had a DUI or two could cause the rates to skyrocket. But the person’s driving record is not the only consideration.

Insurance companies will also want to look at your significant other’s credit score, and an exceptionally high or low score could have a large impact on your rates. You can reduce a negative impact by listing the significant other as only an occasional driver, but this will only be effective if you both share the household’s only car.

Insurance companies regard settling down with someone as a sign of becoming more responsible in life. Statistically, a person who is in a relationship is a more stable driver, and that means a lower risk to the insurance company. The savings is then passed on to the policyholder in the form of a discount on their insurance premiums.

Shopping for an insurance policy online may be the best way to find affordable car insurance. Online websites that offer customized quotes will also let you compare the premiums against other insurance companies. If you find a better price that you are already paying, you can even sign up on the spot and many sites will even let you print out your new insurance card so you can start driving right away.

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