How an AAA Membership Can Help You Save on Insurance and Related Expenses

AAA is an organization dedicated to helping people protect their interests and save money while driving. You can purchase insurance through AAA and get group discounts, plus such things as free roadside service, towing, and savings on things like renting a hotel room.

The Automobile Association of America is not an insurance company, but they work closely with insurance companies on behalf of their members. The purpose of membership is to help you save money while enjoying more protection and benefits than you would get with any regular insurance policy. For the cost of a one year membership, you are automatically entitled to hundreds of dollars of discounts, savings and benefits that are only available to club members.

In addition to the other benefits, the AAA will even help members plan their trip, making arrangements and reservations for stops along the way, providing maps and offering expert advice on what to see and what to be careful of. AAA membership will even help you keep abreast of road construction along your route so you can plan for delays or even find an alternate route of travel.

AAA members are even eligible for car buying assistance. By taking advantage of the power of thousands of members, you are able to shop for a new car armed with the knowledge of the car’s safety potential and accident risks. AAA uses information gained from the Insurance Information Institute, the National Highway Safety Association and other companies to give you insight and assistance that would not be available to someone acting alone.

Research your insurance carrier online using a free online auto insurance quote, and once you have found the policy and company that best meet your needs, take the time to look into membership with the world’s premiere automobile association. Membership makes your insurance work better for you, and provides convenient ways to plan and save that insurance companies simply do not offer at any price. Membership is an additional charge, but the investment can pay for itself after only a couple of nights in a hotel, or needing to have your car towed to a service facility a single time.

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