11 Strange, but Real, Driving Laws

Strange and obsolete driving laws can be found all over the world, but the United States has plenty of strange and ambiguous laws of its own.  From regulations on when it is illegal to jump from a speeding vehicle (65 MPH in California) to forbidding the use a horn in University City, Missouri, our nation is ripe with laws that either make no sense or should have been common sense to begin with.

  1. In Indiana, you are not allowed to back your car into a parking spot that prevents police from seeing the license plate.
  2. In Tennessee, it is against the law to shoot a firearm at game while driving unless you are shooting at a whale.
  3. Indiana has regions where it is against the law to pass a horse on a public roadway.
  4. Because stopping is prohibited on the roadways, some places, including Youngstown, make it illegal to run out of gas.
  5. Montana prohibits leaving a sheep unattended in the cab of a truck.
  6. If you drive on a sidewalk in Oregon, you are required to yield right of way to pedestrians.
  7. Rockville, Maryland makes it illegal to use profanity inside your vehicle.
  8. It is against the law to drive blindfolded in the state of Alabama.
  9. Eureka, California prohibits using a roadway for a bed.
  10. Topeka, Kansas makes against the law to carry dead poultry on Kansas Avenue.
  11. Leaving dirt, mud or other off-road debris on any roadway in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Honorable mentions include New Jersey making it illegal to plant tree in the middle of a street, and Sag Harbor, New York prohibits undressing inside your vehicle. And just in case you like to take your time getting out of your car, Oregon makes it a crime to leave your car door open longer than is considered necessary.

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