10 of the Worst Foods to Eat While Driving

Eating anything while you are driving is a bad idea. You cannot eat without devoting some of your attention to the task, and that means you are not watching the road as closely as you need to be. With that said, here is a list of the 10 worst foods to eat, and why they might contribute to your next accident while driving.

  1. Coffee
    Hot coffee can cause severe burns. If you hit a large bump the liquid can splash out and cause intense pain, even if you are not drinking from it when the bump is hit.
  2. Soup
    Hot soup or stew, like coffee, has the potential to cause burns. Even worse is that a soup container is more likely to have an open top and spill more freely.
  3. Tacos
    A taco may seem like an excellent choice for a mobile meal, but the truth is that tacos can be extremely messy and that could lead to an accident.
  4. Chili
    In addition to posing the same burn hazard as hot soup, chili can also stain your clothes. Because of this, a spilled bit of chili could cause you to grab for a napkin to clean up the mess before you consider that you need your hands for driving.
  5. Hamburgers
    Eating a hamburger while driving could result in the burger dripping, dropping or coming apart in your lap, and any of these could cause you to look away from the task of driving just long enough for an accident to occur.
  6. Barbecue
    The mess factor associated with barbecue of any sort makes it a very poor choice of a mobile meal.
  7. Fried Chicken
    It is hard to eat a piece of chicken with one hand, and even that is against driving laws.
  8. Cream Filled Doughnuts
    Cream or jelly filled doughnuts often drip or spurt, creating a mess that could be unsightly or even deadly while driving.
  9. Soft Drinks
    Soft drinks may spill or slosh, and the danger of carbonated beverage going down the wrong pipe and causing you to sputter or choke momentarily is quite high.
  10. Chocolate
    Milk chocolate melts in your hands, and sticks to your shirt, your pants, the steering wheel, and anything else you touch.
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